Thursday, March 17, 2011


Last night, during our weekly Bowling League night, I am very proud to announce I bowled my highest score ever..163! I'm pretty sure I've had three game series where I didn't reach 163! Justin and I have recently...since Decemberish, joined a bowling league. Justin has been asked to join for about ten years now! We were finally at a point, where we could commit to at least one night a week of dedicated bowling time. One night a week, has turned into almost daily practice sessions for Justin. I, on the other hand, never get to practice, so needless to say, I was truly excited that I reached my "career high" as one of the members from the opposing team worded it! :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Hello everyone! Well, it's been eight months...yes, I said eight months, since we posted last! Here is a quick run down on all our holiday celebrations the past three weeks or so...

Justin's turned the big 30 back in November! Our friend Chad cooked Justin's b-day dinner for us! Red beans and rice, fried chicken, and sweet potatoes! We had just a few friends over to celebrate his special day! We ate, drank, played games, and I had my first experience with Rock Band...let's just say, I enjoyed watching more than playing!

Thanksgiving was next on our list...we hosted Justin's parents and grandma Frances here at our home. Justin and I cooked...almost everything all by ourselves! It was quite an accomplishment! All the usual items...turkey, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, rolls, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc. Then celebrated with my family at their home. My mom cooked another amazing meal there...again Thanksgiving regulars, but all so yummy!

Justin and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on December 9th. We actually were home that weekend with a sick baby, but we still were able to sneak out for a dinner together after Reagan was feeling better. :)

Christmas 2010 has been one of the best since Justin and I have been married! Our first Christmas we spent in Australia while on our that will always be very special! This year, though, Reagan has really been able to enjoy the decorations, the food, the presents, and all that comes with a traditional American holiday season! :) She has learned that Santa says..."HoHoHo" and she will tell you all about it! She did very well not disturbing the tree, stockings, or presents, until appropriate times! We were very impressed with that fact! She loves all the lights inside and out! It really has been fun seeing her eyes light up with some new surroundings.

We hope that everyone, too, is doing as well as we are! It has been a wonderful year...we are looking forward to all the Lord has for us in 2011!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ladybug Reagan!

We had an amazing weekend! Reagan turned 1 this past Monday, but we weren't able to have her party until Saturday. I have a slide show of a few pictures from her actual birthday and the rest from her party! We did a whole ladybug theme! I had so much fun planning with Justin, Brandon, and Nancy. (They are Justin's brother and sister-in-law) We actually had the party at there house and it could not have been more perfect! We had so many friends and family able to make it. Reagan has been truly blessed in her first year and her party was another testament of that! We hope you enjoy the pictures! :) If you scroll over a picture in the slide show you should be able to read a caption for each picture. For those of you with facebook check out more pictures under my profile.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reagan's First Birthday!

Justin and I can hardly believe our sweet baby girl just turned one years old yesterday! I feel like this first year has flown by. Reagan has taught me so much about myself, about Justin, and about how we are learning to develop our own little family unit!

Justin and I both had to work, but she spent the day with her Grandma and Grandpa Janssen. My parents said she had a great day playing, talking, and even taking a few more steps! We are up to four now, however she still isn't walking around full throttle yet! We went for her one year appointment yesterday afternoon. Besides getting four of her immunization shots, she was a happy camper up at Dr. Jones' office! She weighs 18.11 pounds now and is 28 inches long. Although she's one now we cant' put her in the front facing car seat until she is at least 20 pounds. Dr. Jones said it about a month we should be good to go in that area! :)

Yesterday evening, Justin and I had some friends passing through Denton, so we went out to eat with them. Reagan had her first birthday treat of a bowl of ice cream! She loved sticking her hands in there and squishing it through her fingers! It was very cute! I have video that I will post when I get home this afternoon.

All in all, we had a great day together with friends and family. We are having a ladybug themed party for her this weekend. Justin and I can hardly wait to spend another day with friends, family, and see Reagan interacting with her other little baby friends! Of course, more pictures to come soon!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Reagan's First Snow Day

Over the past 24 hours we have had the biggest snowfall since 1977! We have had about 7 inches here in Denton, Texas! Most school districts were closed yesterday and today, too. Back in December we actually had a couple inches of snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We were so excited to finally have a white Christmas, but we didn't actually take Reagan out in it.

Yesterday afternoon we bundled Reagan up in her warmest attire and took her out in the front yard for a few minutes. We didn't have any little boots for her so I just held her and let her touch and play with the snow. She loved it! She was flinging it off my hand and licking it with her little tongue. So CUTE! :)

It will take at least a day or two for it to totally melt away so we'll get to enjoy it for a few more days! :) Dakota and Scotty have been loving it as well!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reagan is Nine Months!

Today is Reagan's nine month birthday! I can't believe how much she's grown not only physically but emotionally too! Her little personality is really coming out now.

She's still an easy baby and has been such a joy to us. She really is on the move. She's crawling all around, and if she knows we're behind her she just crawls faster. It's so funny!

She is also pulling up now to her feet while holding on to something. She loves any kind of music. When she hears music she starts clapping, waving her arms and kicking her feet! I'm so thankful she has Justin's musical ear.

She is also waving well too. When she sees a new person or someone comes into the room she will wave; it's precious! She waves to herself in the mirror as well as waving to herself in all the pictures we have of her around the house.

She is playing very well with both dogs, although Dakota is much more interested in her than Scotty. He is still quite reserved around her, but I think he's coming around.

We go to the pediatrician next Monday, so we will have more info concerning her weight, length, etc. Until then...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Reagan's First Christmas

I don't think I can quite explain how much I love Christmas time! I love the season, the weather, spending time with friends and family, Christmas music...I love it all! This Christmas has been the most exciting and special yet! Our family has had three very exciting Christmas' together. During our first Christmas as a married couple, Justin and I were on our honeymoon in Australia, our second was last year and I was 5 months pregnant, and this year we have Reagan! She has done exceptionally well with the tree, ornaments, and presents. For the first few days, she just explored around the presents. Then she discovered how to push some of the lighter boxes around so she could pull herself up. She would then reach for all the ornaments at the bottom of the tree. Thank goodness we didn't put any breakable where she could reach. We spent Christmas morning with Justin's family at his brother and sister-in-law's house. We had a great time together and exchanged lots of great presents. Nancy cooked an amazing Christmas dinner and we couldn't have had a better time. Then we went to my friend Gentry's house to see her and her parents on Sunday afternoon. We usually go and visit them once a week. We love them! They are pretty much family, too! :) Because my dad was flying to South Africa over Christmas we are going over to their house tomorrow night to celebrate with them. We have had an awesome year and look forward to starting this new year with our sweet little girl, family, and friends! :) We'll have more soon...