Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reagan is Nine Months!

Today is Reagan's nine month birthday! I can't believe how much she's grown not only physically but emotionally too! Her little personality is really coming out now.

She's still an easy baby and has been such a joy to us. She really is on the move. She's crawling all around, and if she knows we're behind her she just crawls faster. It's so funny!

She is also pulling up now to her feet while holding on to something. She loves any kind of music. When she hears music she starts clapping, waving her arms and kicking her feet! I'm so thankful she has Justin's musical ear.

She is also waving well too. When she sees a new person or someone comes into the room she will wave; it's precious! She waves to herself in the mirror as well as waving to herself in all the pictures we have of her around the house.

She is playing very well with both dogs, although Dakota is much more interested in her than Scotty. He is still quite reserved around her, but I think he's coming around.

We go to the pediatrician next Monday, so we will have more info concerning her weight, length, etc. Until then...

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