Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reagan is Six Months!!!

Hello friends and family! I can't believe that I'm just now updating our blog for the first time since the end of October! Really?...two months?...I guess that's a testament to how busy our lives have been. My goal is to update at least once a we'll see how it goes. Reagan is doing so many new things that I feel like I need to update everyone that often just to keep our family in the loop.

Reagan just turned six months this past Monday. She is such a precious little girl and really has begun to develop her own little personality. She has learned how to growl wand does it most often when she's frustrated! The first few times she did it, I thought "where in the world is that coming from..." Then last night when I was fighting with the vacuum cleaner cord, I growled in frustration! I stopped my self and said "OH NO!!!" she gets that from me! YIKES! Mommy will have to work on harnessing her frustration especially in front of Reagan! She is rolling all over the place...from front to back, back to front, she's even really good and balancing herself on her side, now! She has just begun to push herself up on her hands and knees. We still have seen her crawl although she is a master scooter! I don't know how she does it, but she can scoot herself anywhere she wants to go. We have been eating rice cereal and oatmeal for about a month now. She still thrusts her tongue forward to push the food out, but sooner or later we get to the bottom of the bowl, so we know she's swallowing it at some point. We also started Squash and Sweet Potatoes this past week. Now that she's doing well with those, we will begin some green veggies. I think that green beans and peas are next on our list. We added a video of her eating her squash for the first time. She's super funny with all her crazy faces. It's sure to give you a little laugh! We'll add more about Reagan next weekend. She has her little costume all ready to go. You'll have to wait to see what little critter she will be... :)